High Quality Commercial Curtain Tracks and Industrial Curtain Tracks

We have supplied high-quality curtain track products for all industries.

When it comes to commercial curtain tracks there is no other company that can provide your facilities with the best heavy duty curtain track products to suit your unique needs and specifications. American Track Supply is a company that offers high grade industrial curtain track products for a variety of different applications. We have many years of experience supplying commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtains and especially commercial flexible curtain track and hardware. We are happy to assist you in finding the perfect curtains and commercial curtain track systems for your facilities. We have decades of experience to call upon and we can fabricate and offer our commercial curtain track products for virtually any business. We have supplied many large companies as well as big and small medical facilities and other industries. If light control is what you need, trust in the services that only American Track Supply can offer.

Why Choose American Track Supply Industrial Curtain Track Products

Expedited Shipping for Commercial Tracks & Hardware

American Track Supply offers fast shipping options for its commercial flexible curtain track products. We know how important your time is and we know how our products play a major role in your facilities. This is why we put special emphasis on providing quick shipping so that you get your industrial curtain track orders as soon as possible. Our customers range from institutions such as hotels, restaurants, doctor’s offices, and laboratory and research facilities and more. Trust us to get our products to your doorstep as quickly as possible.

Our Prices are Competitive

With our diverse range of commercial curtain track products we have the ability to keep our prices competitive. All our tracks come directly from the manufacturer and are all high-quality products. With American Track Supply, you get the best value for money

Our Products are Reliable

All our industrial curtain track products are very reliable as they are made to withstand the requirements of many industries for use in a variety of different applications. Each commercial flexible curtain track is designed to be a perfect fit for the unique dimensions of your facility so you can use them for many different ways as you see fit.  Since they are heavy duty curtain track products, they can more than withstand the usual day-to-day use and abuse.  Trust us to know that they will perform an awesome job for you.

They Offer Superior Flexibility

Our commercial flexible curtain track can offer you superior flexibility to suit a wide array of configurations and room setups.  The track dimensions are 7/16” wide x 7/8” tall.  The track is embedded with metal plates that are so extremely flexible you can bend them 90 degrees or even more without the need to splice them so that the sliders can move freely minus any interruption.  The diameter of a circular standard track can be as small as 12”.

Compatible with either Ceiling or Wall Mounting

Our commercial curtain track products can be installed on both ceilings and walls depending on your type of use. We provide specific hardware for each. When ordering from us, please do specify whether the application is intended either for a wall or a ceiling mount.  Our tracks are up to 164 ft. long without any connectors or splices.

hospital curtain track

Superior Weight Bearing Capacity

The standard commercial curtain track has an optimum weight supporting capacity if 40 pounds per foot of standard track (4 rollers). Medium and heavy duty curtain track offer much greater capacity. Material surface hardness is greater or equal to 75 HA. Softening point is 80 degree C.

Made with High Quality Materials

The commercial curtain track is made from high-quality long lasting resin while the metal plate embedded within the track is made of steel. You can expect a life expectancy of at least 20 years.