High Quality Medical Curtain Tracks

American Track Supply is the industry leader for high quality medical curtain track and medical curtain rails available in the market today. Our parent company, American Drapery Systems, Inc. has over 40 years of experience supplying different industries with our commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtains, curtain track and hardware for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, universities and schools, laboratories, photography studios, medical facilities and medical device production, corporate offices, sports, stadiums and theatres, military and police, flight simulators, greenhouse and growing houses. With our wealth of experience, we can fabricate and provide high grade medical curtain track products to suit the needs of your facilities. We have worked with both small and large hospitals and other medical facilities offering different configurations and setups specific to their needs. Let us help provide protection and privacy for your facilities with our medical curtain tracks.

Fast Shipping of our Products

American Track Supply can provide you with quick shipping options for our medical curtain track, medical curtain rails and other essential products. When needed by our customers who range from hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and others, we can provide fast shipping so you get your items quicker so they can be used immediately in your medical facilities. Call us to learn more on how we can help get our products to you quicker.

Our Prices are Competitive

American Track Supply provides some of the most affordable prices for medical curtain rails and medical curtain tracks in the market today. Just browse on our site and compare with others. When you purchase our products you know you are getting the best value for money. Our prices are competitive but are products are not of low-cost quality which means you get what you paid for. High quality and reliable products you can truly depend on.

Durability of Our Medical Curtain Tracks

All our medical curtain track and medical curtain rails are manufactured using only the highest quality materials that provide exceptional durability and flexibility for different applications that our diverse clientele requires. Our products are designed to fit perfectly with any space required by our clients. Each medical curtain track is designed to fit the specific requirements of your medical facility including other applications too. They are made from high-quality anodized aluminum and can withstand daily use and abuse. The extreme flexibility and durability of our products for your different applications will make you proud you chose American Track Supply.

Specific Features of our Medical Curtain Tracks

Made from Extruded Aluminum

Our medical curtain track and medical curtain rails are all made from extruded aluminum and can come either as straight or in a curved setup. The hardware is comprised of double wheeled carriers that will not bind up when pulled around corners. All our commercial grade hardware and medical curtain tracks are designed to be installed directly into a drop ceiling grid ceiling. All hardware is already pre-drilled and all accessory parts is strung and included to provide you with an easy installation process. The metal plate embedded within the track is made from steel. You can expect a life expectancy of at least 2 decades.

Highly Flexible

Our medical curtain track can provide you with extreme flexibility options for a variety of different uses. They feature embedded metal plates and can bend 90 degrees or more without the need to splice them so that the sliders can move freely without an interruption. The diameter of a circular standard track can be as small as 12”. Our medical curtain rails can be installed on wall or ceilings and we have specific hardware for each. When you order from us, just let us know whether you intent to use it as a wall mount or ceiling mount.

Carries Substantial Load-Bearing Capacity

Our standard medical curtain track has an optimum weight bearing capacity of 40 pounds per foot of standard track (4 rollers). Our medium and heavy duty medical curtain track have relatively greater load bearing capacity. The material surface hardness is greater or equal to 75 HA. Softening point Is 80 decree C. Life expectancy of 20 years.