High Quality Hospital Curtain Tracks and Hospital Curtain Rails

Hospital curtains help provide privacy, light control and act as a means to stop hospital acquired infections. This is why it is more important now more than ever to have reliable systems in place to help prevent the spread of infection in enclosed areas such as emergency rooms, wards and other hospital facilities. American Track Supply is a premier provider of high quality hospital curtain track products. Our range of hospital curtain tracks & hospital curtain rails have helped leading hospitals and clinics around the country outfit their examination spaces to provide safety for both patients and staff as well as privacy in shared spaces within the facility itself.
Our commercial grade aluminum hospital curtain track and flexible tracks are great for medical facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and other medial applications and is available in within 3-5 business days.
The hardware for each hospital curtain track is made up of carriers that are doubled-wheeled, they will not bind up when pulled around corners. Our commercial grade hardware and tracks are made to install directly into a drop ceiling grid ceiling. All hardware is pre-drilled and all necessary hardware is strung and included for an easy install.

Excellent Choice for Hospitals & Clinics

Our hospital curtain rails and hospital curtain tracks are an excellent choice to offer protection and privacy in hospitals, medical facilities, blackout curtains and many other applications. Our proprietary hospital curtain track products are made from extruded aluminum and you have the option of having it either straight or in a curved shape configuration. The hardware is comprised of double-wheeled carriers that have the ability to not bind up when it is pulled around the corners.

Convenient to Install

Our hospital curtain tracks are manufactured to provide ease of convenience during installation. They are made to install directly into a drop ceiling grid ceiling. All hardware is already pre-drilled and all needed hardware is strung and included for a quick and easy installation. This means minimal disruption in busy hospital wards and emergency rooms where time and space is always constrained.

Offers Extreme Flexibility

Hospitals are without a doubt very busy places but it is vital that space and privacy are provided to patients when they are being examined. Curtains also provide a protective barrier for an uninfected person getting infected by a sick one sitting next to him or her. This is why you need hospital curtain rails that are flexible to meet the ever evolving needs of our medical facilities. American Track Supply products provide extreme flexibility to satisfy the needs of the areas where the tracks are going to be installed.

hospital curtain track

Increased Patient & Staff Safety

Our products increase patient and staff safety and minimizes the risk of disease spread in an enclosed area. Our hospital curtain tracks can withstand the unique demands of these environments. We offer the complete package for your hospital facility as we have high quality hospital curtain tracks, drapery hardware and parts as well as the curtains these spaces require.

Available in Unique Configurations

Our ceiling mounted hospital curtain tracks are available in straight or pre-bent sections so that unique configurations such as horseshoe are possible. This can provide the necessary full amount of privacy around examination rooms and beds. A lot of hospitals have outfitted their exam areas to allow this feature in order to allow full floor-to-ceiling coverage and better movement of the carriers in the track.

hospital curtain track

Competitive Prices

American Track Supply offers some of the most reasonable prices for hospital curtain tracks and hospital curtain rails in the market today. All of our products are direct from the factory and therefore our customers get high value for money.

Our Hospital Curtain Tracks Are Extremely Durable

You can rely on American Track Supply hospital curtain track products to take the day-to-day beating that the hospital environment dishes out on them. We source our materials carefully and only select the best materials that offer the best durability and reliability. We won’t sell you products that we are not afraid to use and rely on ourselves.


All our hospital curtain tracks are designed to be compatible and a perfect fit for the required dimensions needed by your medical facility including other applications.

Hospital spaces need to be safe and comfortable for patients as possible in order to get the best patient outcomes. Many hospital spaces are configured to have shared rooms and patients require privacy and protection from potential hospital acquired infections. American Track Supply is the leading provider of hospital curtain tracks and hardware to suit the unique needs of these institutions. Our products are easy-to-install, flexible, durable, affordable and most of all reliable.