High Quality Hotel Curtain Tracks

For hotel businesses, it is vital that they provide their guests with everything they need in order to make their stay as comfortable as it possibly can. It starts off with a nice comfy bed, soft clean linens and sheets plus a big screen television that offers a wide-range of viewing opportunities and finally top-quality hotel-style curtains. Is there an important reason why drapery plays a major role in the comfort of hotel guests? The answer is an unequivocal yes. American Track Supply is a premier supplier of high quality curtains, hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails. Our expert staff can provide your hotel setup with solutions that blend style, form and functionality. Let us help ensure your guests have the most comfortable stay in your establishment with our high-quality hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails. With many years of experience to call upon, we can fabricate and provide you with our complete line of commercial curtain products. We have worked closely with many companies ranging from the biggest corporations, small and large hospitals, 5-star hotel chains, restaurants and more. When it comes to providing privacy and light control to your facility, American Track Supply is the company to call.


Hotel curtains are an important aspect when it comes to the aesthetics of your hotel establishment. Look at it this way, when selecting the décor for your guest rooms, you go through a lot effort into what makes a room inviting and warm right? You carefully choose pictures to hang on the walls and a lot of thought goes into the kind of bedding that will be placed in each room. The same holds true for the kind of curtains you put as well as the quality of the hardware that goes with them. In this case, hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails. If you did not put any effort into it, your guests will surely notice. It is important to strike the right balance of form and functionality in all aspects to ensure your guests have the ultimate “hotel stay” experience.

Hotel Curtains Help Climate Control

Nothing can make hotel guests more irate than a room that is either too cold or too hot. Uncomfortable room temperatures not only disrupt the quality of rest and stay of your guests but also leave them feel very uncomfortable. Here is where good quality hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails come in. Apart from the air conditioner thermostat doing its job to control the room temperature, curtains provide additional benefits for temperature regulation as they feature three bonded layers of fabric that offer insulation against the extreme cold or heat from the outdoor environment. With reliable hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails for your guests to use, using curtains would be a breeze to allow them more control of the temperature within the room.

Light Control

Apart from making the room temperature in your hotel rooms more comfortable, you also need to provide your guests with the ability to control the amount of natural light that filters through during the day and even during the night. There are some guests that prefer a room flooded with sunlight but others like airline personnel and medical professionals may need to close the curtains so they can sleep comfortably during the daytime hours. Our hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails lets them close or open the curtains with ease and comfort to ensure the best quality of rest.

American Track Supply hidden curtain tracks


Probably the biggest most important aspect that ensures your guests have the best stay in your establishment, privacy allows your guests to unwind and feel secure in the comfort of their rooms away from the peering eyes of the outside world. Our curtain products that include hotel curtain rails and hotel curtain tracks lets them enjoy their privacy better. Curtains offer the best privacy for guests most especially in rooms that are located on the ground level.

Why Choose American Track Supply

Superior Quality

Our hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails are made from the highest quality materials. We will not sell you products that we ourselves will not use. All our curtain products undergo stringent quality control processes and are designed to work perfectly in any configuration you require. Our hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails including all hardware are made from extruded aluminum. The hardware features double-wheeled carriers that will not bind up when they are pulled around the corners.

Extreme Flexibility

Our hotel curtain tracks are extremely flexible and can be bent into almost any shape possible to fit the configuration of the space where it is going to be installed. They can be installed on both walls and ceilings and we provide unique hardware for each. Do inform us when placing your order so we can provide you with the right hardware for trouble-free installation.

Our Hotel Curtain Tracks Are Reliable

Our commercial curtain products have been tested in many different environments and applications. Our hotel curtain tracks and hotel curtain rails are perfectly capable to withstand daily use and abuse. They have a lifespan of at least twenty years. That is good value for money.