High-Quality Curved Curtain Tracks and Corner Curtain Tracks

Flexible, easy-to-install curved curtain tracks for medical facilities and commercial applications.

Commercial Curved Curtain Track Kits

Curved curtain tracks are ideal for commercial installations where light control or privacy is needed, such as sectioning off areas of a large room or creating privacy barriers in hospital and clinic settings.

American Track Supply’s rounded curtain rails are available in aluminum and flexible plastic and include all the required hardware for installation. Easy-glide carriers prevent bunching and allow curtains to slide freely around corners. We offer stock options and custom curved curtain tracks to suit any application.

Your Trusted Source for Curtain Track Solutions

American Track Supply is a premier provider of corner curtain track products for top companies across the U.S. We regularly partner with small and large medical facilities to supply hospital curtain solutions for use across various applications.

Shop from our wide range of stock curved curtain tracks, or contact our team to discuss custom solutions! We can help you choose the right material and configuration based on the curtain weight, the kind of mechanism used to operate the curtains, the application for the track, and the size and shape of the space.

Aluminum Corner Curtain Tracks

Made from commercial-grade aluminum, these tracks are both lightweight and durable. Combine our corner curtain tracks with straight aluminum tracks to create a configuration that meets your unique requirements.

Aluminum Curtain Track 90 Degree Curve

These rounded curtain rails have a 90 degree bend to create a wider curve in your track system. Curved curtain tracks include 2 splices, 10 carriers, and 2 end caps with knockouts for installation.

Aluminum Curtain Track 45 Degree Curve

Choose 45 degree corner curtain tracks for applications requiring a tighter bend. Each corner curtain track includes 2 splices, 10 carriers, and 2 end caps with knockouts for installation.

Flexible Curved Curtain Tracks

Some applications require more flexibility to accommodate odd room configurations or route curtain tracks through lighting, fire sprinklers, and other obstacles.

Made from flexible plastic with a durable steel core, this versatile product can be used as a corner curtain track or straight track. The flexibility also allows you to create multiple bends from a single piece of track, which is ideal for hospital and clinic settings or when installing privacy curtains around tight spaces. Circular standard track diameters can be as small as 12” to accommodate tight curves. Tracks kits come in various lengths, complete with carriers and installation hardware.


Rounded curtain rails provide a versatile light control and privacy solution for commercial applications and are a great hospital curtain solution. Applications include exam room divider curtains, hospital shower curtains, photography studios, retail changing rooms, theaters, and so much more. The strength and versatility of our products are what make them stand out from the competition.

Installing Rounded Curtain Rail

Curved curtain tracks come with all the hardware needed for installation. We also sell track parts and accessories separately if you need additional parts or want to keep extras on hand.

Recommended parts for installation:

  • Install mounting hardware at 1’ intervals for curved track and at 9” intervals for straight track portions. It is important to line up all the mounting hardware evenly, as the slightest offset can result in a wavy track setup.
  • Add supplemental hardware at each turn point for sharply curved walls or ceilings to hold the track in place. 30-36” are needed for aluminum flexible curtain track.
  • Use 4 carriers per foot of track to prevent the curtains from sagging. Heavier curtains might require additional carriers.

If you need help installing your curtain tracks, give us a call! We are more than happy to assist you with the installation and answer your questions.

Trust American Track Supply to provide dependable corner curtain tracks to suit your needs and applications.

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American Track Supply has consistently provided high-quality products and support services to our clients alongside the other brands in the American Drapery Systems family. Whether you’re looking for a 100% effective commercial blackout solution with Blackout Curtains, state-of-the-art cubicle curtains with CustomCube, or any other solution our family offers, you’re guaranteed to receive a level of quality and service that we’ve spent decades perfecting.