High-Quality Wall Mount Curtain Tracks

We supply commercial-grade wall-mount curtain tracks for all industries and applications.

Ready-to-Ship Commercial Curtain Track Kits

Wall-mount curtain tracks can do almost everything ceiling-mounted tracks can, like handle heavy drapes and be installed in parallel for layered coverage. These tracks even outperform ceiling-mounted tracks in commercial installations involving oversized windows or vaulted ceilings.

Versatility Across Commercial Applications

Wall mount curtain tracks have a broad range of commercial curtain uses: creating privacy barriers in rooms, hiding unsightly structures or equipment, light control, reducing unwanted noise, and so much more. Find our tracks in hospitals, laboratories, schools, universities, corporate offices, nursing homes, sports stadiums, and theaters.

  • Available in aluminum and flexible plastic with a steel core
  • Variety of lengths and configurations, including curved tracks
  • Easy to install and customize to your space needs

We offer flexible solutions to accommodate large orders and unique applications. Start building your custom wall-mounted track kit today!

Exceptional Quality

American Track Supply has a reputation for quality and is trusted by major businesses and organizations across the U.S. Our tracks are constructed of durable materials and come with heavy-duty hardware that withstands daily use. Double-wheeled carriers ensure smooth gliding and prevent curtains from binding up when pulled around corners.

Superior Weight Loading Capacity

The optimum weight-bearing capacity of standard wall-mount curtain tracks is 8 pounds per foot of track. Medium and heavy-duty tracks can support relatively greater curtain weights. The material surface hardness is greater or equal to 75 HA. Softening point is 80 degrees C (176 degrees F).

Have questions? Our team is always available to help you select the right tracks based on your curtain type, installation location, and load-bearing capacity requirements.

See How Customers Are Using Our Commercial Curtain Tracks

“I installed yesterday and it went so fast and easy. We used the select heavy duty ball bearing track in another area and it took a quarter of the time to install the flex track. I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much and I will order again.”

“We received the order and they are just what we needed. The clips work perfectly.”

“Everything went very well! I am very pleased with how these curtains worked out! This will make it so much easier to transition from all windows to a dark room in just a few minutes!”

Our Family of Brands

Our parent company, American Drapery Systems Inc. has over 40 years of experience offering commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtains, curtain tracks and hardware. With a wealth of experience helping customers across a range of commercial applications, we can fabricate wall-mount curtain tracks to suit your unique specifications.

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