High Quality Privacy Curtain Tracks

Privacy curtain tracks are an amazing means of providing privacy for patients and staff as well as a practical means of dressing your windows. They provide a minimalist and subtle look. As opposed to conventional rings, your curtains run along the gliders built into the privacy curtain rails. What makes American Track Supply privacy curtain track stand out from the rest? It is the simple fact that our products are affordable, made of high quality materials, easy to install and allows the opening and closing of curtains smooth and devoid of any hassle.
When it comes to privacy curtain track and privacy curtain rails there is no company that can provide you with the best high quality products available in the market. American Track Supply has many years of experience supplying high quality commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtains, curtain track and hardware. Our expert staff are ready to work with new construction projects, remodels and upgrades to help customers find the perfect curtains and curtain track systems to suit their individual needs.
Our privacy curtain track and privacy curtain rails are part of our in-house developed track systems that have been designed and tested over the years working closely with our customers in different industries in order to provide them with the best products for a variety of different applications. We have supplied privacy curtain tracks to many industries including: hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. They are also used in many medical and research facilities, labs, theatres, stadiums, schools, universities and many more.

Why Choose Our Products

Privacy curtains are very much in-demand in many facilities particularly in hospitals, doctor’s clinics and nursing homes. They provide the necessary privacy for patients while being treated. Our privacy curtain tracks allows hospital staff to separate patients from infected and non-infected. Our privacy curtain rails allows the curtains to be moved with ease and comfort for staff to look into the state of the patient’s health and minimizes the risk of transmission of disease by acting as a barrier between sick and healthy people.

Our Privacy Curtain Tracks Can Withstand Daily Abuse

Our privacy curtain tracks and privacy curtain rails are made only from the highest quality materials. We won’t sell you products that we won’t use ourselves. All our products go through a strict quality control process and are tested on a routine basis to ensure high quality performance for different uses and applications. Our products can withstand the daily use and abuse in hospital environments where there is always a high level of foot traffic on a 24 hour basis. The lifespan of our products are at least 20 years. That is high value for money for your investment.

Excellent Choice for Hospitals and other Medical Facilities

Our commercial privacy curtain track and privacy curtain rails are an excellent choice for privacy curtains in hospitals, medical facilities, blackout curtains and many other applications. The track and hardware is made from extruded aluminum and may either be curved or straight in order to accommodate different setups and configurations. The hardware is comprised of double-wheeled carriers that will not bind up if it is pulled around the corners. All of our commercial grade hardware and tracks are designed to install directly into a drop ceiling grid ceiling. They come pre-drilled and all needed hardware is strung and included for a stress-free convenient installation process.

Excellent Flexibility

Our commercial privacy curtain track is super flexible for use in a wide number of setups. It can be bent into any angle in order to fit the layout and shape of a curvature for a specific use. They come with metal plates and can be bent 90 degrees or more without the need to splice so that your sliders can move easily without any hassle. They also carry a substantial load capacity.
All of our tracks can be installed in either ceilings or walls and we offer unique hardware for each type. When placing an order, do specify the kind of application intended so we can provide you the right hardware.