High Quality Curtain Rail Tracks

We supply high quality curtain rail tracks for all industries.

One of the quickest and practical ways to dress your windows or provide privacy in your examination areas is through the use of an efficient curtain rail track. American Track Supply offers its top-of-the-line curtain rail systems suited for various applications. We provide only the highest quality materials and workmanship to ensure you receive a product that is not only durable and reliable but also very easy to install. When it comes to curtain rail track and other similar products trust only the industry leader with over 40 years of experience supplying different industries. Trust only in American Track Supply.

Why Use Curtain Rail Tracks

A curtain rail system offers a subtle and minimal look to your windows.  As opposed to rods or rings, your curtains run using gliders into the rail.  They are very convenient to fit and allows opening and closing of curtains very smooth and easy.  They are easy to install, highly flexible, smooth gliding and most importantly durable. We have a patented structural design that is made only from exceptional-quality materials and a superior finish. When you use our products you can feel confident that they will perform to your best expectations.

Why Choose American Track Supply

Decades of Experience

With our decades worth of experience supplying different industries we have honed the science and art of making reliable curtain rail system products for commercial usage. We offer a wide variety of aluminum rails and we only sell products that we would buy ourselves.  Our in-house experts can provide your facility with solutions that combine style, form and functionality.  Allow us to improve your facility environment with our wealth of knowledge, high quality products and dedicated customer service. Our estimators are more than happy to work with new construction, upgrade and remodels to find the perfect curtains and curtain rail system to suit the specific needs of different industries.

ceiling mounted curtain tracks by American Track Supply

Our Curtain Rail Tracks Are Reliable

Curtains play a major role in a lot of industries and they provide a variety of applications ranging from providing privacy, light control to acting as a barrier to protect staff and patients.  At American Track Supply we are 100% confident that our curtain rail system will do its job and do it perfectly for whatever application you intend it for. Trust only in the industry leader for commercial curtain hardware – American Track Supply.

Flexibility in Design

All our curtain rail track products are flexible and can be top fixed to a ceiling or mounted on a wall for convenience.  We also provide a number of brackets and fittings so you can install it exactly where you require it.  Our curtain rail track products are extremely flexible and they can be bent to shape to suit the requirements of different facilities.  Trust in the ingenuity of American Track Supply to provide you with a curtain rail system that will perform beyond expectations.

American Track Supply bendable curtain tracks

Bespoke Products

All of our curtain rail track and curtain rail system hardware are manufactured and assembled in our warehouse using only the highest quality materials and the strictest quality control guidelines. We have all the components readily in stock so we can provide you the necessary volume of products to meet your orders and deadlines.  When you order from American Track Supply you will get a curtain rail track that is made to your requirements using utilizing proprietary in-house equipment. Each of our products are calibrated using state-of-the-art equipment software that verifies measurements and plots a full-scale diagram for our engineers.