High Quality Curtain Tracks

We supply high-quality curtain tracks for all industries.

American Track Supply offers high quality curtain track products for all kinds of applications. Our parent company, American Drapery Systems, Inc. has over 40 years of experience supplying commercial window covering, draperies, cubicle curtains, curtain track and hardware. Backed with decades of experience at our calling, we can fabricate and offer commercial curtain products for any business or industry. We have supplied commercial curtain tracks to many businesses from Fortune 500 companies to the top-rated hospitals, hotels, research facilities in the country. Let us provide you with the best curtain track system for your facilities.
We have supplied our high-quality curtain track products to the following industries:

  • Hospitals, Clinics and Nursing Homes
  • Universities and Schools
  • Laboratories
  • Photography Studios
  • Medical Facilities and Medical Device Production
  • Corporate Offices
  • Sports Stadiums and Theatres
  • Military and Police
  • Flight Simulators
  • Greenhouse and Growing Houses

Aluminum Curtain Tracks

Support & Protection

To provide support, protection and privacy in hospitals and medical facilities our curtain track system is an excellent choice for this and lots of other applications. The curtain tracks feature track and hardware that is made from extruded aluminum and may be straight or curved. The hardware is comprised of double-wheeled carriers and is guaranteed not to bind up when pulled around corners. Our commercial grade hardware and tracks are designed to install directly into a drop-ceiling grid ceiling. Installing it is very convenient as all hardware is pre-drilled and all the required hardware is strung and included.
We have collaborated with top hospitals and major clinics all over the US to outfit their examination spaces with the best quality curtain tracks and drapery hardware. Hospitals are busy places. Our curtain track system increases patient and staff safety by acting as the hardware for the curtains that form an effective barrier against droplets that can spread in the air contaminating and potentially infecting other patients. Without a reliable curtain track to support the hospital curtains, the risk of exposure to hospital-acquired infections becomes increasingly higher.


A lot of hospitals and clinics utilize a privacy cubicle curtain track. Our aluminum curtain tracks come in straight or curved configurations in order for horseshoe and other configurations may be possible so as to achieve complete privacy around examination bed areas.
There are many benefits to getting our commercial flexible curtain tracks such as:

Convenient Installation – IT is DIY (do-it-yourself) friendly as all you need to do is just cut with a hacksaw to size. We do recommend 4 rollers per foot of track so as to prevent sagging. For flexible curtain track mounting hardware, it is recommended to have one per foot for curved track, and 9” interval for a straight run application. For sharply curved ceilings or walls, add some additional mounting hardware at point of turns. Aluminum tracks requires 30”-36” each. The fact that curtains and blinds on the track are hung using hoops instead of conventional rods, removing the drapes for cleaning or replacing a damaged blind becomes extremely easy

Extremely Flexible — It has the ability to bend in any angle in order to fit the layout and shape of a curvature. If you prefer running it in a straight track configuration we recommend installing mounting hardware at 9” interval, with equal spacing to make it look great. Make sure to line up all the mounting hardware as the slightest off set can result in a wavy track. Our tracks can even be bent into s shapes as long as the mounting cartridges are positioned properly.

American Track Supply bendable curtain tracks
Our tracks feature metal plates embedded so as to make them extremely flexible and has the ability to bend 90 degrees and possibly more without needing a splice so the sliders can move without interruption. The diameter can be as small as 12” for a circular standard curtain track.
Smooth Gliding – Our curtain track system carries substantial load-bearing capacity. The optimum weight bearing capacity is 40 pounds per foot of standard track (4 rollers) while medium and heavy duty curtain tracks offer greater load-bearing capacity.
Highly Durable – It features a patented structural design, manufactured from high-quality materials and a superior finish. The curtain tracks and the parts are made from long-lasting resin while the metal plate embedded in the track is made from steel. They are designed to have a life expectancy of at least 2 decades. All our products undergo a strict quality control process to ensure they will do the job for the application you intended them for.
Easy Handling & Storage – Come in transportable or store-able rolls
Competitive Pricing – Just look at our site and you will see that we have some of the most competitive prices for curtain track products in the market today. Our products are direct from the factory and this allows us to price our products better than most of our competitors.

American Track Supply — the only brand you can rely on for all your curtain track needs. Call us today to learn more about our curtain track system for your facility.