High Quality Hidden Curtain Tracks

We supply high-quality hidden curtain track products for all industries.

During the course of installing curtains, most people instead focus on the selection of the fabric along with the curtain design as opposed to how they will be hung. This can lead to a lot of problems if the wrong curtain track is used. Choosing the right curtain hardware is an important aspect from both a practical perspective and an aesthetic standpoint. American Track Supply is a premier provider of high quality hidden curtain tracks. Our collective experience in the curtain industry spans over 40 years and includes supplying commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtains, curtain track and hardware. Let us help you choose the right hidden curtain track to suit your specific applications.

Visible or Hidden Curtain Track

The first important aspect that you need to consider when selecting curtain hardware is determining whether you want a visible or a hidden curtain track once your curtains are hung.  There are curtain hardware that are designed to be discreet so they would not be noticeable when they are installed. They end up completely hidden from view, while others offer a decorative element to enhance the look of the curtains. The choice of course, depends on the kind of application you intend to use them and either one is ok as long as it does the job it is intended to do.

Helping You Find the Right Solutions

American Track Supply can help you find the right solutions for your hidden curtain track.  Our team of experts blend form, function and style to improve the environment where you intend to place your curtains.  With our wealth of experience we can fabricate and offer our commercial hidden curtain track products for any business.  If you want a discreet profile for your curtain hardware, let us know as we are more than happy to help you get it.

Qualities of our Hidden Curtain Track

Unlike a standard curtain rod, American Track Supply’s hidden curtain track utilizes an internal tracking mechanism called carriers that allow a smooth operation when attached to the curtain. They are made from extruded aluminum and can be either straight or curved. The hardware as mentioned are made up of double-wheeled carriers that will not bind up when pulled around the corners.  Our commercial grade hardware and hidden curtain tracks are designed to install directly into a drop ceiling grid.  All hardware is pre-drilled and all needed hardware is strung and ready for an easy to install.

Clean, Minimalist Profile

Our hidden curtain track features an internal tracking system that lets the curtains to be hung with a cleaner, more minimalist appearance long the top of the curtain. How is this achieved? The carriers are hidden behind the curtain heading and are normally more discreet than the conventional curtain rings.


With American Track Supply’s hidden curtain tracks you get a product that is very flexible to suit a wide variety of applications.  Our hidden curtain track is bendable to 90 degrees and even more. This makes them very ideal to use in areas where curves or bends in the tracks are a necessity such as bay window or cubicle curtain setups.

American Track Supply hidden curtain tracks

When it comes to hidden curtain tracks, trust only in American Track Supply. Call us today. We are very eager to help you find the right curtain hardware solution.