High Quality Sliding Curtain Tracks

We supply high quality sliding curtain track products for all industries.

Sliding glass doors provide amazing views and allow ease of access in tight areas but they can also make it challenging to achieve the privacy you need and block light when necessary under certain conditions. This is where American Track Supply’s sliding curtain track comes in. Our sliding curtain track system is very easy to install and provide exceptional functionality when needed. Whether you choose a mounted ceiling sliding curtain track or wall mounted on top of the sliding doors; what you get is ease of movement when opening and closing the curtains. Our sliding curtain track system may also be used for floor to ceiling glass wall setups that face similar design challenges.

We are a Leading Supplier of Top Quality Curtain Tracks

American Track Supply is a leading supplier of commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtain track and hardware.  We can provide you the perfect solution that combines the elements of style, form and functionality. Allow us to help you improve the environment in your facilities with our expert knowledge, high quality products and exceptional customer support.  We are more than happy to work with you to help you discover the perfect curtains and sliding curtain track system to suit the needs of your establishment.

Heavy Duty Products for You

We use the same kind of sliding curtain track that is used in medical facilities so you can feel confident that they are safe, reliable heavy duty products that can perform exceptionally for your commercial applications. American Track Supply currently carries 2 kinds of sliding curtain track and hardware namely, aluminum or flexible. We can supply everything from tracks, carriers, and ceiling brackets to end stops, splices and wall brackets.  For all your sliding curtain track needs, trust American Track Supply to provide it for you.

A Wealth of Experience to Back Us

Our parent company, American Drapery Systems Inc. has over 40 years of experience in the industry and with that wealth of knowledge to call upon we are very confident that we can fabricate any commercial sliding curtain track system for your industry. We have worked with many large US companies, hospitals, hotels, laboratories, photography studios, research labs and more. If light control and privacy is what you need for your facilities, trust us to help you find the most practical solution for you.

Specific Sliding Curtain Tracks Features

Our Sliding Curtain Track System offers a range of profile track sizes and components that when joined together allows the ease of sliding movement for opening and closing doors.

  • We have standard and heavy duty sliding curtain tracks and curtains
  • Perfect for both internal and external uses
  • We offer a range of brackets for different fixing methods
  • Track sections can either be curved or straight
  • Aluminum track is made from extruded aluminum
  • Curved versions are available in 45 and 90 degree sections
  • Double-wheeled carriers will prevent binding up around corners
  • Smooth Operation

Specific Product Applications

American Track Supply sliding curtain track solutions are perfect for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Sliding curtains in theatres
  • Sliding curtain walls
  • Industrial unit sliding curtains
  • Sliding curtains for agricultural use
  • Truck sliding curtains
  • Sliding curtains for welders
  • For Partitioning Purposes
  • Sliding PVC strip curtains

When you choose American Track Supply sliding curtain tracks you get to enjoy a high quality product made from exceptional materials, easy to install, extend or move. Our sliding curtain track system requires minimal force to move the curtains and they are low maintenance as the track and bearing do not require oiling. You get high reliability, good value for money and 5-star customer support.