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When it comes to tracks there are two choices you can make for your setup: wall mount or ceiling. A wall mount curtain track can do almost all things a ceiling mounted track can do. They are perfect for handling heavy drapes, cover sliding doors and can even be installed in parallel via a double wall bracket. They can even outperform ceiling mount tracks like dressing a window in a room with a vaulted or two-story ceiling. At American Track Supply you can depend on high quality wall mount curtain track products to suit all kinds of uses and applications. Our proprietary products have been developed through the years working closely with a variety of customers in different industries, understanding their needs and requirements to develop a superior product that can withstand any use or abuse daily. When it comes to commercial curtain products no company can provide you with the most reliable wall mount curtain track to suit your requirements.

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Our wall mount curtain track is the best choice for privacy curtains in hospitals and medical facilities, blackout curtains and many other applications. Our tracks have seen action in laboratories, schools, universities, corporate offices, nursing homes, sports stadiums and theatres. Our parent company American Drapery Systems Inc. has over 40 years of experience offering commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtains, curtain track and hardware.  With a wealth of experience to lean on, we can fabricate and offer our commercial wall mount curtain tracks to suit your industry specifications.

Easy Installation of Our Wall Mount Curtain Tracks

Our wall mount curtain track is very easy to install. We have designed them that way to provide superior efficiency and convenience for our customers.  They can be installed on either ceilings or walls depending on your requirements.  We provide unique hardware for each one. When placing an order, just specify whether the application is intended for a ceiling or wall mount application.

Made of Superior Quality Materials

At American Track Supply we are committed to providing our customers with products that are made from the highest quality materials possible. Our wall mount curtain track is made from long lasting resin.  The metal plate embedded within it is made of good quality steel. You can expect a life expectancy of at least 20 years.  You can order up to 164 ft. continuously without any splices or connectors.

Superior Weight Loading Capacity

The optimum weight bearing capacity of our wall mount curtain track is 40 pounds per foot of standard track. The medium and heavy duty variants can support relatively greater. The material surface hardness is greater or equal to 75 HA. Softening point is 80 degree C.
When you choose from American Track Supply wall mount curtain tracks you get:

Quick Shipping

We offer quick shipping for our wall mount curtain track and our other commercial curtain products.  Our expedited shipping is perfect for customers that need our products immediately such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and hotels.

Competitive Prices

American Track Supply offers some of the most competitive prices on the market today. Since we ship direct from the manufacturing our customers get high-value for money.

Let American Track Supply provide your business with high quality wall mount curtain tracks today. Call us we are very eager to assist you in your needs.

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