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For many commercial and medical facilities as well as modern homes, curtains have become a staple providing much needed privacy, light control and insulation. American Track Supply is your premier supplier of commercial window coverings, draperies, cubicle curtains, ceiling curtain track and hardware. Our parent company, American Drapery Systems, Inc., has over 40 years of experience in the industry and with this wealth of experience to call upon, we can fabricate and offer you our commercial ceiling curtain track system and products for any industry. Our ceiling mounted curtain track is equipped with an internal tracking system that lets it smoothly glide for a comfortable and obstruction-free operation. They are fully customizable and you can bend them into different shapes depending on the needs of your facilities. Let American Track Supply be your provider of high quality curtain track ceiling products for standard and heavy duty usage.

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Minimalist Profile

Our ceiling mount curtain track lets you achieve a clean and minimalist look to your work area, examination room, hotel room, home, restaurant and more. The ceiling track comes with our own proprietary internal tracking system that features carriers that are hidden behind the curtain heading. As opposed to curtain rings, they create a less noticeable and austere look.

Adaptable & Versatile

Our ceiling curtain track is highly versatile and can be bent into any shape conveniently. This makes them very ideal for many different configurations like cubicle curtain setups and bay window installations. The ceiling curtain track system is compatible with different curtain heading styles such as pleated and s-fold heading style. Our ceiling curtain track can be bent into S shapes provided the mounting cartridges are positioned right. They are extremely flexible and can bend90 degrees or more without needing to splice so that the sliders move freely without any problem at all. The choice is yours.

Ceiling Tracks Automation Possibilities

If you are considering automating your window treatment, then a ceiling mounted curtain track is an excellent choice. There are automatic kits available so you can conveniently draw open and close the curtains at the simple press of a button.

They are Easy to Install and Remove

Our curtain track ceiling products are very easy to install and remove for cleaning purposes. This makes it ideal to use in many different areas for a wide variety of applications. No more fumbling around trying to remove dirty curtains in high traffic areas. Easy on, easy off feature gives you unprecedented convenience in this department.

Relied Upon by Many Different Industries

Our ceiling mount curtain track products are relied upon by many different industries to perform different tasks ranging from light control, privacy and security, infection control, insulation, aesthetics and many more.  They are used in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. You can find our ceiling track products adorning the ceilings of many schools and universities, laboratories and photography studios. Our drop ceiling curtain track prevents cross-contamination in medical facilities and they are used to enhance the elements of the room in many corporate offices.

Works Great with Wide Windows

A ceiling mount curtain track is an intelligent solution for a wide, short window because it assists in lengthening the space and establishes an illusion of height.  You can make the window look much bigger than it actually is.

Helps your Curtains Fall Handsomely

Our ceiling track can run from wall to wall and can easily move the curtains quickly back from the doors. This allows you to maximize the natural light while keeping the drapes from obstructing the doors when they are completely open.

Ceiling Curtain Tracks Open a lot of Possibilities

If your wall mounted drapery rod is unworkable or awkward then you can rely on American Track Supply’s ceiling curtain track system to come to the rescue.  Who says that curtains need to only hang from wall-mounted tracks or rods? When you use a ceiling mounted curtain track you can create a lot of height and improve the appearance of any room in your facility or home. That could mean a major difference in how your curtains will look as an element to form and functionality in the space.  Not only they are great from an aesthetic standpoint, they are practical too if there is little or no wall space above a door or window.

For all your ceiling mounted track requirements, trust only in American Track Supply to provide you with everything you need.

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