Aluminum or Flexible Track Kit Systems

Our aluminum or flexible track kits are cut to your specifications and come with everything you need to get the job done efficiently and stress-free.

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Residential & Commercial Curtain Track Systems

Our aluminum and flexible curtain track kits are heavy-duty, reliable, and ready to install straight out of the package.

Aluminum Curtain Track Kits

The track and hardware in our Aluminum Curtain Track Kits are manufactured with heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum strength and performance. The extruded aluminum has been the standard in medical facilities for decades and provides superior strength and unmatched dependability. We offer our aluminum kits in straight and curved variants so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

Flexible Curtain Track Kits

Flexible curtain tracks from other manufacturers force you to trade strength for flexibility. We’ve engineered our Flexible Curtain Track Kits with a special patented structural design with a steel core that stays flexible without sacrificing strength and durability. We use exceptional-quality materials that are suitable for everything from industrial to residential applications.

Hardware & Accessories

We provide you with everything you’ll need for installation straight out of the box, including clips, carriers, end caps, and fasteners, so no additional parts are needed. However, we offer additional hardware and accessories to give you the ability to customize, enhance, and repair your track and curtain system.

Your Curtains? Our Curtains? Either Way, Hang Away!

American Track Supply is part of the American Drapery Systems family of brands. Our other brands, and CustomCube have been industry leaders for commercial blackout curtains and hospital curtains for over 40 years. Ask your customer service rep for more information if our other products are right for your application.

The hook system on our tracks works great with any grommeted panel and is designed to work flawlessly with any curtain or drapery, even those that are purchased outside of our family of brands. If your panels have drapery hooks or you would like to provide your own hooks or clips, we will be happy to accommodate your request and exclude our hooks from your order.

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Why Choose American Track Supply?

Quick Installation

Depending on the style of track, all of our track kit systems come with brackets or are pre-drilled with every piece of hardware you’ll need for a quick installation. We also offer an extensive library of tutorials and videos on our website that give you step-by-step instructions on how to install your tracks. Our tracks have a modular design, so setting up and moving your curtain tracks is a simple and easy process.

Pick the kit that fits your needs

Pick the track material

We ship, you install

Heavy Duty Tracks

Our tracks shine in a wide range of high-intensity and demanding environments, including medical facilities, manufacturing plants, laboratories, and more. American Track Supply is trusted by law enforcement, the defense industry, and hospitals across the nation. We use high-quality industrial-grade materials that are perfect for any commercial or heavy-duty application.

Customizable & Modular

American Track Supply track kits are modular by nature, meaning that they’re customizable and adaptable to your specific needs. We’ve designed our tracks to be DIY-friendly and easy to cut with a hacksaw if necessary. If you have a unique project, you can choose from four track materials and colors, seven track bends/styles, and the liberty to set your exact widths and dimensions.

Trusted Brand & Quality

Our track kits are American-made and designed to be a dependable solution that you can trust. American Track Supply has set the industry standard in durability and longevity, with a track life expectancy of twenty years. Our hardware is made up of carriers that are double-wheeled, so they don’t bind up when pulled around corners in even the toughest of conditions. We guarantee that our tracks are the only ones you’ll ever need.

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Curtain Track System Applications

Commercial & Industrial Curtain Tracks

Our curtain tracks are built tough and perfect for commercial or industrial applications. We make our flexible tracks from high-quality, long-lasting resin with an embedded internal steel plate. The track and hardware in our Aluminum Curtain Track Kits are manufactured with heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum strength and performance.

Cubicle Curtain Tracks

Apart from enhancing the visual appeal of your rooms and cubicles, our tracks allow your staff to conveniently open and close cubicle curtains with very little noise or resistance. Our cubicle curtain tracks are designed to withstand the wear and tear from everyday use, so they remain a dependable and long-lasting addition to your office space. Need new cubicle curtains?  Make sure to check out our sister site to learn about our new modular Interloc cubicle curtain system!

Medical & Hospital Curtain Tracks

We pride ourselves on the reputation we’ve built in the medical field through our customer support, high-grade quality, and hyper-customizable options for facilities of any size. We regularly work with both small and large hospitals, family clinics, medical device manufacturers, senior living communities, and many other establishments that depend on us to provide unique configurations that bring privacy and protection to their patients.

Hospitality & Hotel Curtain Tracks

Our highly-customizable curtain tracks will perfectly fit the aesthetics of your hotel’s general spaces and rooms. We’ve designed our tracks to complement your decor while finding the right balance between form and functionality. American Track Supply’s tracks are easy to open and close, extremely durable, and perfectly support heavy-duty curtains that provide light control, climate control, and privacy. Your guests will appreciate the utility and comfort that our products provide, and you’ll appreciate the proven toughness that guarantees resilience to years of daily use and abuse.

School, Studio, & Theater Curtain Tracks

Whether you need to divide up an auditorium, photography studio, theater, gymnasium, or something else, our curtain tracks are the perfect solution for your organization. Our tracks have the strength and capacity to cover large distances at efficient price points. Educational institutions appreciate our fast shipping and friendly customer service and trust us for their computer labs, testing spaces, and more. Universities, schools, and theaters have also trusted our sister brand,, for their blackout curtain needs. Check with your customer service rep today to see if it can work for your application!

Perfect for Residential Use, Too!

Although our curtain tracks are engineered for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, our kits are also the perfect solution for home and residential use. Our track kits are easy to install and come with everything you need straight out of the box – no special tools or equipment are needed! Homeowners, builders, and interior designers trust the American Track Supply brand to deliver commercial quality products at an affordable price. The durability and longevity of our tracks provide a level of value that even big retailers can’t match.

Over 45 Years of Industry Experience & Customer Satisfaction

American Track Supply has consistently provided high-quality products and support services to our clients alongside the other brands in the American Drapery Systems family. Whether you’re looking for a 100% effective commercial blackout solution with Blackout Curtains, state-of-the-art cubicle curtains with CustomCube, or any other solution our family offers, you’re guaranteed to receive a level of quality and service that we’ve spent decades perfecting.

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